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tld_proposal [CoreNIC]

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Starting a TLD Proposal

This article is for people who want to start a new TLD (Top-Level Domain) under CoreNIC. Before you think about submitting a proposal, please consider:

  • Does the TLD already exist?
  • Does the TLD take CoreNIC's values into account? (e.g democratic management, free)
  • Do you have the neccessary resources and expertise to host and maintain a Tier-1 nameserver?
  • Are you able to maintain automatic registrations?
  • Do you have a charter for your registry?

If your registry is primarily backed by a company, you should consider submitting a peering proposal instead.

Before submitting your proposal, please check these prerequisites:


  • You must have been participating in CoreNIC for at least 2 months.
  • You must currently host at least one Tier-2 DNS server, or made other significant contributions to the community.
  • You must not submit a proposal for a TLD that already exists in CoreNIC or any other peered root zone.

As with peering proposals, exceptions can be made in special cases. If you have any questions, please send a message on IRC or submit a post on the discussion board.

Gathering Opinions

Gathering opinions is an integral part of submitting a TLD proposal as it allows the members of CoreNIC to express their opinions on the peering agreement. You will need to:

  • Have your publicly accessible registry or about website online
  • Have proof you can support your server infrastructure

Then, post a new topic in the “Proposals” section of our discussion board. Please include a link to your proposed agreement and/or your operations charter.

Submitting the Proposal

Once you have gathered enough opinions and you think that the community opinion is generally positive, you are ready to go ahead with your proposal and start the official vote. You need to:

  • Have your Tier-1 server online and ready
  • Have your website fully built and online
  • Asked a moderator or admin to lock your existing opinions topic.

To submit your proposal, submit another topic in the “Proposals” section of our discussion board. Make sure you include a link to your website, the IP addresses of your Tier-1 DNS server, as well as your finalized agreement and/or operations charter. Then please contact a forum moderator or admin via IRC to have a vote initiated on your topic. The vote will run for exactly one week from the time of submission. Please note that a 60% “Yes” ratio, and at least “Yes” votes, are required for the vote to pass.

Final Approval

If your proposal is voted in, your proposal will be sent to TOWER to be proposed to the Board of Directors. In most, if not all cases, the proposal will always pass. If it is vetoed1) by the Board, a reason will be given by the Board as to why the proposal was denied and how you can correct the problem.

Integrating the peer arrangement

If the Board accepts your proposal, there is nothing more to do - the server root administrators will get word of the acceptance from the Board and automatically add your Tier-1 to the Tier-0 servers. It may take time for the changes to be propogated through all of the user-owned DNS servers, but official servers are usually updated instantly.

If your proposal fails

If your proposal fails due to community consensus, there is a one-week cooldown period until you can submit your vote again. If your proposal fails due to directorate veto, there is a three-day cooldown period for you to fix the specified problems and resubmit.

Reasons include copyright or IP violations, and certain banned content.
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